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Providing exceptional, yet underrepresented, students with the tools and resources needed to succeed in STEAM careers is essential to diversifying the video game and related industries. While the ESA Foundation wishes it could award a scholarship to every deserving student, we simply do not have the monetary capacity. But we hope through the Student Network to offer qualified students the same non-monetary benefits our scholars receive—including, but not limited to, engaging in professional development, interacting with mentors and accessing internships in the video game industry.
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Preparing STEAM Students for the Future

The odds are stacked against underrepresented students interested in STEAM. We know that even girls and students of color who demonstrate a passion and aptitude for science, math and technology are not provided with the same resources and educational opportunities as their white male counterparts. So, by the time they’re teenagers, many simply don’t believe that careers in the video game or other STEAM industries are possible.

The ESA Foundation refuses to let this phenomenon persist. While our funding is limited, our access to the video game industry is abundant, and offers us the ability to support as many STEAM-career-minded women and minority students as possible. Accordingly, we now offer the non-monetary benefits of our scholarship program to an additional cadre of students who demonstrate exceptional skill, creativity and, yes, passion. Each academic year, these students will be provided with mentor, intern, networking and professional development opportunities.

The key, here, is that the mentors and those conducting the professional development and networking sessions are themselves are not just experts in their fields, they are women and people of color. Research shows that whenever an underrepresented student works with or is exposed to a demographically similar role model, that student performs better in school, on job applications and in interviews.

Our mentors come from top ESA member and other industry companies, and the internships, offered during the school year and summers, are with triple-A and independent studios alike. The professional development sessions run the gamut and include:

They also enable industry professionals to serve as mentors, advising students on creative issues and career advancement while, in turn, engaging with the next generation of innovators.

More committed than ever to enabling video-game-focused students to obtain access to STEAM industries, the ESA Foundation is excited to introduce its inaugural 2021-21 Student Network Class:

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