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Two decades ago, the video game industry’s pioneers created the ESA Foundation to showcase the many ways in which software technologies can help solve social and global issues. 

Since then, the Foundation has supported programs that harness the power of the video games to benefit students, schools, and charities, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of America’s youth and setting them on the path to productive and fruitful careers.

Who We Are

The ESA Foundation harnesses the power of video games to nurture creativity, innovation and learning opportunities that galvanize the strengths of diverse communities and help solve the world’s biggest challenges through collaboration and compassion for others.

Our Vision

Video games have the power to transform society. Whether playing or creating them, the journey begins with curiosity and leads us into immersive worlds that blend art, science and technology and bring people together in exciting ways. It’s through these shared experiences that the ESA Foundation seeks to build and advance opportunities that create a more equitable, just and generous world.

Our Approach

The ESA Foundation has delivered on its mission in many ways by focusing on these four key areas:

Education: opens doors by providing young people from all backgrounds with access to engaging learning experiences that increase the likelihood of pursuing fulfilling careers and lives.   

Diversity and Inclusion: showcase the unique talents, skills and ideas of society while driving innovation that leads to change. A company, industry or world bereft of diversity fails to move forward.

Wellness: strengthens and empowers individuals to be their best. A balanced, healthy lifestyle is essential to thriving personally, professionally and as a member of a productive community.

Community: is the backbone of society. Understanding others and encouraging them to express ideas and make use of their talents not only empowers individuals—it creates bonds and results in problem-solving that improves the lives of all.

What We Do

WE INVEST in people who actively engage in transformative thinking and generate new ideas with the potential to advance humanity in exciting ways.

WE EMPOWER people to follow their passions and express their unique voices with authenticity, so that others may learn from and embrace their cultures and contributions.

WE ENCOURAGE the next generation of innovators to contribute positively to the lives of others and challenge us all to think differently.

WE COLLABORATE with partners who value creativity and invest in talented young people who, as future leaders, will make a difference in the world.

WE INVITE you to IMAGINE a brighter future with us.

Our Programs


To inspire future creators in the video game industry and encourage diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM), the ESA Foundation established a scholarship fund providing support for women and minority students across the United States.
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Over the years, ESA Foundation grants have been used in various ways, primarily to leverage video game technology to foster youth development and contribute to a more digitally advanced generation.
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Focused on creating opportunities for America’s youth, the ESA Foundation hosts a number of educational and fundraising events throughout the year. They range from game jams to annual galas to panels and workshops conducted in conjunction with the video game industry’s tradeshow, E3.
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Sue Madden

Sue has more than 20 years experience in nonprofit management, Corporate Social Responsibility, fundraising and grant-making. Sue barely knows the right way to hold a controller, but she is passionate about creating pathways and communities of belonging for under-represented creators, fair and equitable access and enabling safe and healthy spaces to enjoy entertainment.
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