ESA Foundation

Schedule For The Week

Join us for exciting week filled with live streams, influencers, celebrities and streamers who will raise awareness and funds for the ESA Foundation and select charities. Make sure to keep checking back for new additions and a few surprises.

Monday, December 14 GG2020 Charity Event

Team 1: Bruce Greene + Britanni Johnson

Team 2: Richie Shaffer + Ryne Stanek

Team 3: LaurenzSide + iHasCupquake

Team 4: blackoni + AyChristene

Team 5: Lindsey + Tommy of Reckless Tortuga

Team 6:Tilt + ashleybtw

Team 7: demisux + helloiamkate

Team 8: DukeOfANukes + LadyKaylee

Team 9: POiiSED + TeeCup

Team 10: ShamBlack + egoBLACK

Tuesday, December 15

7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST - AyChristene and TeeCup

9PM EST/6PM PST - BlackOni

Wednesday, December 16

2PM EST/11AM PST - Rooster Teeth

5PM EST/2PM PST - Reckless Tortuga

5PM EST/2PM PST - LadyKaylee

5PM EST/2PM PST - Lawrence "sirlarr" Sonntag

7PM EST/4PM PST - Elyse and James Willems

7PM EST/4PM PST - Di3seL

Thursday, December 17

1PM EST/10AM PST - JunaeBenne

3PM EST/12PM PST - LaurenzSide

6PM EST/3PM PST - Queens Gaming Collective feat. AvaGG, Black Krystel, BunnyMightGameU, helloiamkate, Kayla DeLancey, MaidofMight, and Xmiramira with OMGitsFireFoxx

7:30PM EST/4:30PM PST - AyChristene with JazzyGuns, Dwayne Kyng, Hey Charlie, and TheJessLyfe

Friday, December 18

1PM/10AM PST - Mike Shinoda and Team Liquid Valorant Squad featuring Sliggytv, kryptixxx, and ec1s

2:30PM EST/11:30AM PST - Dayeanne Hutton

3PM EST/12PM PST - LaurenzSide and Mike Shinoda

4PM EST/1PM PST - Hutch with Bruce Greene, Mr. Sark and SeaNanners

Make sure to keep coming back as more streams are announced throughout the week!
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