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#InvestInThem Roundtable Series

The ESA Foundation’s #InvestInThem Roundtable Series features exceptional panelists discussing ways in which we all can create opportunities for girls and young women to raise their voices and follow their passions for STEAM.

Powerful Voices, Stories and Perspectives

As a way to elevate and empower girls and young women, who are underrepresented in STEAM fields, the ESA Foundation is hosting a series of roundtable discussions during 2021. Starting March 8, International Women’s Day, and running through October 11, International Day of the Girl, the Foundation, which provides underserved youth with educational and career opportunities, is inviting experts from a range of industries, including public service, science, tech, video games and the arts. During each monthly roundtable discussion, they’re sharing their knowledge and stories with girls, young women and their advocates and providing thought leadership on raising voices and pursuing passions.  

The series is part of the Foundation’s #InvestInThem campaign, which is raising awareness and funds for worthy causes encouraging girls and young women to explore STEAM and acquire skills which prepare them for the workforce while increasing diversity in these fields. We invite anyone interested to join us.

Previous Panels

Dispelling the Myths of STEAM Careers: The Video Game Industry Is Powering Up

Game designer, coder, software engineer, or animator may be some of the most commonly known STEAM jobs in the video game industry. But in actuality, that is only a small portion of the career opportunities in an industry that, behind television, is the world’s largest form of entertainment. Join us and a distinguished group of industry professionals as we explore the myriad career opportunities in the video game industry and efforts to inspire and provide access to students today – specifically those that are underrepresented and under resourced – to pursue the growing number of STEAM careers.


Game Development Discourse: What It Takes to Create New Worlds

Behind every great video game is a team of storytellers, artists and technical wizards fashioning a new world enjoyed by thousands, if not millions, of eager players. These designers bear an awesome responsibility: to create entertaining games featuring characters and stories which speak to players’ lives. Two ESA Foundation scholars, Geneva Heyward and Sloane Miller, will host a Q&A session with a few leading game developers covering their career paths, challenges and incredible work as well as the importance of mentorship and more.


Check out the full panel here!
Wielding Game- and Life-Changing Influence

Video game streamers are a hybrid of entertainer, influencer, friend and inspirational powerhouse. They’re also hubs for online communities where fans form friendships, engage in their interests and share experiences. The unique individuals on this panel will tell their origin stories, discuss how they manage streams while building communities and reveal the ways in which to use their platform to promote worthy causes and uplift others.    


Check out the full panel here!
Representation in Simulation Games: Making the Simulated World Match Ours


Designers, modders, and simulation game enthusiasts are coming together to evolve the simulated universe and have it match the world we live in today. Meet members from a passionate community, who took it upon themselves to make mods to expand simulation games skin tone and facial features options in some of your favorite games like Sims 4 and Stardew Valley. Tune in to learn more about how their work is ensuring that representation is brought into the game for everyone to experience and play.

Check out the full panel here!
Empowering Young Women to Find Their Voices: Building the Next Generation of STEAM Leaders


As leaders in our communities, women legislators serve as role models for future generations of leaders and empower young women to find their voices and chart their career paths. The pioneers on this panel will share their experiences while discussing their experiences and the education, training and skills needed to help close gender gaps and launch what will eventually be successful causes and careers, including those in STEAM.

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